pühapäev, 14. detsember 2014


Tuusmaster is happy to receive third contribution this week from a fan Silvi from Tallinn.

Thank you a lot Silvi!

16/8/2014 by the sea, Varbla, Estonia

Photo: Mass

Message from Silvi about the photo goes something like this: "One tuus photo. You know, it was funny while taking this photo, that everybody took the pose right away. When the photo was about to be taken, it all looked so funny to me, that I am the one who ruins this photo. All were tuusing and with the first shot. Place Varbla and in the middle of August".

uks tuusa foto. tead selle tegemise juures oli naljakas see et koik votsid kohe poosi sisse. kui pilti tehti oli mul nii naljakas et tegelikult olen siib fotol mina see kes foto no ara rikub. koik panid tuusa ja esimese kaadriga. koht varbla ja august keskpaik oli siis


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