pühapäev, 30. november 2014


June 2008/Tallinn

Photo: Kadri

A contribution tuus from a fan Kadri. Forwarding a photo of Kerly and Jemmer on top of the scooter making their first ride with it with a message saying: "How tuus you are on top of a scooter! We had rides of a lifetime."

no mida tuus sa siin rolleri otsas oled!

juuni 2008 haabneemes

elusõidud olid!

pühapäev, 23. november 2014


15/8/2014 yard, Tartu, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

Two hot men enjoying their moments of tuus at the birthday party!

pühapäev, 16. november 2014


15/8/2014 kitchen, Tartu, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

Found these two handsome "men" in my kitchen on my birthday! Way too tuus!


pühapäev, 9. november 2014


10/8/2014 bridge, Võru, Estonia

Photos: Kerly
Two can play that tuus!

pühapäev, 2. november 2014


10/8/2014 bridge, Võru, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

Beautiful tuus girl in Võru, tuusing off at the bridge.