pühapäev, 27. detsember 2015


23/4/2015 toilet, theatre Ugala, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

The washroom is never going to be looking like that again. First and last tuus there, as the building is under renovations and it will be different when you want to take a tuus there ;)

pühapäev, 20. detsember 2015


6/5/2015 park, Põlva, Estonia vol. 3

Photos: Kerly

The final series of tuus' in Põlva with amazing rocks at the park!

pühapäev, 13. detsember 2015


6/5/2015 park, Põlva, Estonia vol. 2

Photos: Kerly

More of the tuus with the rocks from Põlva!

pühapäev, 6. detsember 2015


6/5/2015 park, Põlva, Estonia vol. 1

Photos: Kerly

We visited Prima Vista with Evelyn and while waiting for another show to happen we took time off to tuus with the rocks. I had some problems with the focusing, as the rocks were too far from the camera, but the poses are honest!