pühapäev, 29. juuni 2014


5/7/2014 at home, Haabneeme, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

So here you can see three girls, a woman and the dog.While the two last had no idea what it tuus is, but the girls were anyway so eager to show what it means. Original song and dance festival tuus!

pühapäev, 22. juuni 2014


27/6/2014 at the port, Western Estonia

Photo: Kerly

I think this is how the real girls look like, when they are on their way to Juu Jääb in Muhu island. Yayy. I am glad I got to enjoy their company.

pühapäev, 15. juuni 2014


24/5/2014 Seedrioru Camp Grounds, Onatrio, Canada

Photo: Kerly

Some original warm spring day tuus in the middle of the wild Muskoka woods. Mosquitoes were on and so was the sun. We were melting!!

pühapäev, 8. juuni 2014


20/4/2014 on the highway, Ontario, Canada

Photo: Kerly

Some early morning tuus at 6 AM in the middle of nowhere in a gas station.

pühapäev, 1. juuni 2014


22/4/2014 at the street, Winnipeg, Canada

Photo: Kerly

Original sun and dirt tuus in Winnipeg. You see that tuus spring approaching?