pühapäev, 27. aprill 2014


1/3/2014 street, Toronto, Canada

Photo: Kerly

A little tuus in East York amongst trash or somebody's treasure.

pühapäev, 20. aprill 2014


2/3/2014 café, Estonian House in Toronto, Canada

Photo: Kerly

When dressing up for Oscar show makes you definitely want to dress tuus.

pühapäev, 13. aprill 2014


17/1/2014 home, Tartu, Estonia

Photo: Kerly 

When you are beautiful you are most definitely tuus.

pühapäev, 6. aprill 2014


17/1/2014 home, Tartu, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

Had to shoot animal activist at his home with his pets. I think this shot looks kind of tuus.