pühapäev, 31. jaanuar 2016


23/5/2015 parking lot, Värska, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

This tuus is separate, because it is half-way done, referring to the girl in the middle.

pühapäev, 24. jaanuar 2016


23/5/2015 parking lot, Värska, Estonia


When the tummy is full and you see an empty parking lot, then tuus is what happening!

pühapäev, 17. jaanuar 2016


23/5/2015 bridge, Võru, Estonia

Photos: Kerly

Oh wow, what a great time it is to have fun with friends, travel around Estonia and then take some tuus' with them.

pühapäev, 10. jaanuar 2016


22/5/2015 garden, Tartu, Estonia

Photo: Kerly

Unfortunately we haven't seen many family tuus' here, but this can be fixed with this photo - here you are! Do try this at home ;)

pühapäev, 3. jaanuar 2016


21/5/2015 Estonian National Museum, Tartu, Estonia

Photo: Arp

When you have two far away guests visiting you, then your local nationl museum is where you should take them. And do tuus!