pühapäev, 13. juuli 2014


22/4/2007 Mammu's birthday at home, Laagri, Estonia

Photo: Unknown

Here is another example from Tuusmaster's most active vistor Maarja.
Taken at her birthday some seven years ago. Tuus, eh?

3 kommentaari:

Maarja/Mammu/Siilike ütles ...

The picture is from my 30th birthday and it was already 4:14 in the morning of April 24 on 2011, so not seven years ago. :)

Kerly ütles ...

Thanks for correcting, as I was following the information left for me ;)

Maarja/Mammu/Siilike ütles ...

Rrreealy? I don't know what I was writing then. :O